Nature Knowledge: Q1 Answer

The viaduct of Bedford’s Viaduct Park is:
A. The famous “road to Hope,” part of the Underground Railroad in the 1850s.
B. A waterwayl connecting the Erie Canal to Hudson, Ohio.
C. The Interstate 271 bridge through Bedford.
D. An historic railroad bridge.

The Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad was economically critical in the mid-1800’s because it was a key means of transporting iron ore from Lake Erie ports to the steel mills of Pittsburgh. The route crossed Tinker’s Creek in Bedford, OH. The original bridge was wooden (1852), quickly replaced with a stone arch bridge (1864). A rail realignment in the early 1900’s required a new, stronger bridge. For support, engineers filled in the creek valley, burying most of the original viaduct’s stone arch supports. Learn more HERE 

An outstanding place to learn how nature drove industry in Cleveland Metroparks Viaduct Park in Bedford, OH. NatureVation loves to take adventurers here for a hike, then off to the Tinkers Creek Gorge overlook for stunning views. Join us next time!  Learn more HERE

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