Nature Knowledge Quiz – past Q’s & A’s

Monday May 4, 2020

While we’re on our social-distancing break, enjoy this collection of Nature Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers. Each week we’ll add a few new ones to our home page and shift the past week’s items here. See you on the trails soon!

1. The nursery industry in Lake County consists of:  [# of nurseries; acres; employees] C. 100; 5000; 2700

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2. Between which two Lorain County cities can you ride the North Coast Inland Trail?
A. Elyria & Oberlin
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3. The Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve was once a: A. Commercial fishing dock B. Repository for river dredge

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1. What type of flower was planted at Kent, OH’s May 4th Memorial to symbolize U.S. lives lost in the Vietnam War? A. Daffodil
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2. May is designated as the national month of which activity?  B. Bike
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3.  In which community will you find Cuyahoga County’s tallest waterfall?  D. Cleveland
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1. This early spring cabbage-like plant is named for what mammal? D. Skunk
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2. The founder of Cleveland Metroparks was:  C. County Engineer William Stinchcomb

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3. Summit Metropark’s Mary Campbell Cave was named for: D. 12 yr old girl kidnapped by Delaware Indians

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1. Earth Day, April 22, was first celebrated in what year? 1970

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2.  From which state was the U.S. Senator who founded Earth Day?  Who was he?    Wisconsin; Senator Gaylord Nelson

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3.  The Black Squirrel, often seen in Kent, OH…
A. Is an endangered species; B. Is the Kent State U. mascot; C. Was introduced by the groundskeeper; D. Is a cross between a skunk and a squirrel

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1. Before Europeans changed its name, the Chagrin River was called…?
A. River of Tears;  B. Elk River;   C. Racoon River;   D. Clear River
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2. What 1962 book about the hazards of pesticides fueled the Earth Day movement? Who is the author?  “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson

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3. Tiny frogs we’ll soon hear “chirping” in woodlands are called? A. Chirpers;    B. Petite Wood Frogs;    C. Red-eyed Tree Frog;     D. Spring Peepers
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