NatureVation is founded on the premises of great people, great experiences, and creating sustainable places.  We’re not perfect.  We’re building this enterprise on the following principles:

Present great, memorable experiences through discovery or re-discovery of natural gems of the region

Client enjoyment and satisfaction is the cornerstone of this enterprise.  We take great satisfaction in providing breathtaking, “Wow!” experiences.

Foster a sense of awe and inspire a sense of care for nature. Help people rediscover their connections with food, water and natural places

We know that when people have a great experience in a beautiful area they develop a sense of value for this space.  This sense of value leads people to care for and become concerned with the protection and enhancement of these wonderful spaces.  We believe this concern leads to engagement with local efforts.  We work with the local food network to provide as much of our menu as possible with food from local sources.  We’re constantly exposing our clients to the regional cycle of water to better understand from where our drinking and bathing water comes.

Care for and respect the client at every moment

We’re not just another run-of-the-mill service provider.  It’s about great EXPERIENCE.  Assuring a great experience for our clients is our #1 priority.  A great experience must always be a safe experience.  We investigate all trails prior to tours, take precautions to minimize risks and maximize preparedness.

Operate sustainably, in a manner with minimal harm to nature and the ways nature works

We define sustainability as, “the ongoing ability to thrive!”  Achieving sustainability can be complex, yet the path to sustainability does not have to be complicated.  We prefer reusable plates, flatware, napkins and other supplies over disposables.  We recycle and compost everything we can, and our trips generate very little waste. Touring in a group vehicle and touring locally has a much lower energy impact than having guests drive individually or trips which require flying to distant places.

Sustain the local economy through valuable employment, personal growth, and exciting careers

NatureVation formed, in part, to be a positive part of the economic development equation.  As we grow, guides will participate in all aspects of the business, thus developing not only their outdoor leadership skills, but also the customer service, tour mechanics, research, interpretation, marketing and financial aspects of the business.  We expect our guides to be valuable contributors to the NatureVation team and also gain much personal growth during their tenure.  We also expect many will go on to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams – thus, themselves, furthering economic growth of our region and nation.