Who We Are


NatureVation was founded in summer 2013 in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, by husband and wife team Elaine Price and Gordon Landefeld.  Elaine, an environmental biologist by training, crafted her career doing environmental work and then management in heavy industry, manufacturing, non-profit and government.  Gordon, a geologist by training, developed his career in publishing, market research, marketing and digital media.  Both are outdoor enthusiasts.  After always traveling to far-off places for a great nature-experience vacation, Elaine became driven to showcase the fabulous natural assets of northeast Ohio and the Great lakes region as a rival of different yet equal value to more famous, global sites.

Adventure Leaders (Guides)

NatureVation staff members are dedicated to your safety and enjoyment.  For each adventure, be assured that the guide team:

  • is fully licensed for any vehicle operated
  • is thoroughly familiar with all routes, trails and amenities to be visited
  • has working knowledge of the natural and cultural assets of the tour