Tour Prep & Logistics

Every Adventure is unique yet there are some basic things to do and items to bring which will make your experience safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Waiver – please print the attached waiver form, review it, sign it and bring it.  This helps get us on the road and off to our adventure more quickly.  (We’ll have extras).
  • Cell phone – if you don’t mind, please e-mail your cell phone number to NatureVation and keep NatureVation’s number with you (216-393-7716).  This way, if you get lost, run late or we have changes,  both parties can contact each other.
  • Meeting point – familiarize yourself with the Shaker Dealership location.  The name is on the building and faces Lee Rd. so you may not see the sign until you are driving by it.  (3558 Lee Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio 44120)
  • Water bottle – it’s preferable that you bring a refillable water bottle.  We’ll carry extras, yet the “bottles” of bottled water have become a plastic waste and water pollution issue, so we’d like to minimize our use of bottled water.
  • Footwear – closed-toe, sturdy footwear is essential for hiking.  Closed-toe, light or medium footwear is essential for biking and paddling.  Flip flops or sandals are not appropriate for any tours and not allowed on paddling tours.
  • Clothing – loose and comfortable is best.  Hikes in woodlands may present poison ivy.  Sensitive individuals should wear long pants and long sleeves.  Watch the reports and dress for the weather.  Bring rain gear if there’s more than 50% chance of rain.  For paddling tours, a change of shorts is recommended.
  • Head gear – a hat is recommended for sun protection.  A bicycle helmet is MANDATORY for any biking activity.
  • Gloves – to prevent calluses – recommended for bicycling and paddling
  • Sun Glasses – recommended
  • Bandana or handkerchief – recommended
  • Deep pockets or a belt pack  – recommended to secure carrying of your personal items
  • Sunscreen – a summer essential
  • Water tight pouch – for paddling if you prefer keeping personal items with you on the water
  • Camera – recommended
  • Binoculars – your preference

For winter tours:

Gloves or mittens; hat or headband; warm socks; warm, waterproof boots