Nature Knowledge Quiz – past Q’s & A’s

Monday May 10, 2021

Enjoy this collection of Nature Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers.  See you on the trails soon!

In which east-side (Cleveland) stream ravine will you find this historical waterfall?

The Doan Brook ravine.
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In which eastside community will you find this 9/11 First Responders memorial at a trail head?

Mayfield Village, OH.
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Where will you find this enormous tribute to an activist and an architect?

Find this granite tribute at the base of Daffodil Hill in Lakeview Cemetery.
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To what park on Lake Erie’s coast will this bridge connect?

Wendy Park, Cleveland, OH.  Learn MORE

Along what new greenway trail will you find this sculpture, “Horse?”

Nord Family Greenway at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Learn MORE

Where is this brand new park, named for an historic Native American Path?

Trail Lake Park, Portage Park District, Streetsboro, OH.
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Which of Cleveland’s Cultural Garden honors the Rubik’s Cube?
B. Hungarian
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A portion of the new Richfield Heritage Preserve was once the estate of…whom?
A. James Kirby
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Why did Native Americans call this tall flower “Cup Plant?”
A. Water collects at the juncture of the leaf & stem
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Which famous jazz musician goes by the same name as this wild flower (more or less)?
Armando Anthony Corea or Chick Corea. The flower is common chicory (Cichorium intybus).
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The viaduct of Bedford’s Viaduct Park is:
D. An historic railroad bridge.
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1. What unique celestial phenomenon is currently visible yet won’t occur again for ~7000 yrs.?
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1. During the 1966 Hough Race Riots, Over what stream was the Sidaway Bridge destroyed?
A. Kingsbury Run
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2. The Underground Railroad stop, Liberty Hollow, is on which Lake County creek?
B. Big Creek
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3. Which Lorain County river flows alongside this “Underground Railroad Station 100 Monument?”  D. Black River
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1. The Vermilion River is named after:
C. Native American body paint resembling a precious European pigment called vermillion.
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2. Tinkers Creek is named for:
B. Captain Joseph Tinker, a boatsman for Moses Cleaveland’s survey crew.
Learn more about Joseph Tinker and this fabulous place HERE.

3. The Grand River is a state designated:
C. Wild and Scenic River
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1.  On a trail, who has the right of way?
A.  Hikers coming uphill
more friendly trail tips HERE

2. If you encounter mud or a puddle, what do you do?
B. Walk through it
Learn more from the American Hiking Association HERE.

3. When road cycling, the term “Dead Red” refers to:
C. A traffic signal which can’t detect a bicycle as a vehicle
Bike Cleveland does a great job of summarizing the legal rights and responsibilities of cyclists. Learn more HERE.


1. Lake County’s Greenway Trail was originally:
C. Branch of the B&O railroad called the P&W.
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2. Portage County’s Bike & Hike Trail runs partially on a towpath for which canal?
A. Pennsylvania & Ohio
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3. The Harrison-Dillard Bikeway (parallel to MLK Jr. Dr., Cleveland) honors:
D. Olympic track athlete who attended East Tech H.S.
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1. The nursery industry in Lake County consists of:  [# of nurseries; acres; employees] C. 100; 5000; 2700

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2. Between which two Lorain County cities can you ride the North Coast Inland Trail?
A. Elyria & Oberlin
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3. The Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve was once a: A. Commercial fishing dock B. Repository for river dredge

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1. What type of flower was planted at Kent, OH’s May 4th Memorial to symbolize U.S. lives lost in the Vietnam War? A. Daffodil
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2. May is designated as the national month of which activity?  B. Bike
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3.  In which community will you find Cuyahoga County’s tallest waterfall?  D. Cleveland
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1. This early spring cabbage-like plant is named for what mammal? D. Skunk
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2. The founder of Cleveland Metroparks was:  C. County Engineer William Stinchcomb

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3. Summit Metropark’s Mary Campbell Cave was named for: D. 12 yr old girl kidnapped by Delaware Indians

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1. Earth Day, April 22, was first celebrated in what year? 1970

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2.  From which state was the U.S. Senator who founded Earth Day?  Who was he?    Wisconsin; Senator Gaylord Nelson

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3.  The Black Squirrel, often seen in Kent, OH…
A. Is an endangered species; B. Is the Kent State U. mascot; C. Was introduced by the groundskeeper; D. Is a cross between a skunk and a squirrel

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1. Before Europeans changed its name, the Chagrin River was called…?
A. River of Tears;  B. Elk River;   C. Racoon River;   D. Clear River
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2. What 1962 book about the hazards of pesticides fueled the Earth Day movement? Who is the author?  “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson

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3. Tiny frogs we’ll soon hear “chirping” in woodlands are called? A. Chirpers;    B. Petite Wood Frogs;    C. Red-eyed Tree Frog;     D. Spring Peepers
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