Special Event Adventures

Make your special occasions even more special with a NatureVation Custom Adventure!

Birthdays, reunions, weddings, business outings…any occasion when you gather friends, family or colleagues together, consider a NatureVation Adventure as an activity option.  We’ll craft a custom tour to fit your schedule and your party’s interest and ability level.

A Sampling:

Wedding Panic Relief

“The wedding isn’t until 6:00 tonight!  I have to pick up the cake; meet the florist; do my nails; do my hair – will someone please entertain my out-of-town guests for the day?!”

Something-Different Birthday

“Our daughter has outgrown the Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party.  Can we do something fun and a bit more adventurous?”

Employee Recognition Alternative

“Our employees work hard and we like to recognize their efforts with something special.  We’ve given out coupons for movies and pizza, yet we’d like to offer something that’s fun yet also encourages active living.”

Custom Adventures can be private or semi-private.  Private tours are exclusively for you and your guests.  A semi-private tour would be, in addition to your guests, open to others if there’s a desire to fill seats and share the cost.

And…the Stay-Cation!

You don’t have to travel to far off places to have a wonderful vacation.  Save time, money and fuel (so, a lower carbon footprint) by enjoying a great stay-at-home vacation right here.  NatureVation can customize a series of day trips into a wonderful collection of outdoor experiences which will rate as interesting, fun and unique as any trip requiring long distance travel.


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